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Offices and Duties

There are several offices to which any member can aspire. Each elected officer performs specific duties on behalf of the NASSM membership for a limited term. Offices, term limits, and primary duties are lised in the table below.

President1-yearSeveral; including but not limited to organizational, liaison, coordination of Council assignments, PR, external representation, general authorative
Past-President 1-yearSeveral; most significant duty is managing the NASSM Call for Papers (establishing review committee, coordinating acceptances, program planning, etc.)
President-Elect1-yearSeveral; including but not limited to coordination of conference bids, and others
Secretary 2-yearsMaintain records of meetings, prepare minutes/action memos for Council members, receive all constitutional/code changes, and others
Treasurer 3-yearsMaintain financial resources, prepare annual financial statement and report for Council meetings and AGM, supervise expenditures, liaise with NASSM Business Office and HKP, and others
Member-At-Large (6) 2-yearsSeveral;including but not limited to representing the membership on the Council, assisting the Associate Editor in compiling the Sport Management Digest, chairing initiatives, committees, and NASSM Conference round tables, and others


The NASSM Executive Council (all elected officers and the Journal Editors) meets three times per year:

  • A spring meeting at the annual conference site a day or two prior to the NASSM convention
  • A "change over" meeting held toward the end of the conference when both retiring and newly elected officers meet as a whole
  • A fall meeting (usually early to mid November) held at a centrally located site or in the upcoming convention city.

The Journal Editors (JSM, SMEJ) serve 3-year terms with an option of two additional years. The editors perform numerous duties associated with the JSM publication. The journal editors are not elected by the membership; they are appointed by the Council based on qualifications.